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Impedes running and kicking. It can be worn under clothing making it ideal for jury trials and airline travel where discrete restraint is needed. Three nylon straps close with hook and loop for fast application and removal. A fourth strap, locking and made of heavy duty leather, provides extra security. Rugged steel upright has hinged knee with a spring-loaded pin that will maintain brace in upright position until released with lever.

Use separately right or left, or right and left together for maximum security.

INTENDED USE: Allows a restrained person to walk but will impede running or kicking. Ideal for a person to stand trial or fly while jurors or other passengers are unaware of the presence of any restraints.


The metal piece on the leg brace is 27” long. The 2” wide nylon straps from top to bottom are 37½”, 32½”, and 30½” in length. This steel upright has hinged knee with a spring loaded pin that will maintain the brace in the upright position until released with leaver. The locking leather strap at the bottom is 17” long and 1¼” wide with ten size adjustments. Made of heavy duty leather to provide extra security. This includes a #L-300 lock with K300 key.

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