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Customer Testimonials

We love our customers and they love us!

Have you got something you'd like to say about ICS? Use our Testimonial Form to send us your comments! We'd love to hear from you!

Sheriff Dennis D. Wilson
Limestone County Sheriff's Office, TX

Over the past several years, the Limestone County Sheriff's Office has enjoyed a Strong and Satisfying Relationship with our Friends at I.C.S. Jail Supplies. Their customer service is rated "Top Notch" by My Jail Staff and they are always available and quick to assist My Jail Staff in meeting our Jail/Inmate supply needs at the Limestone County Jail. We remain very pleased with the outstanding services provided by ALL at I.C.S. as well as the cost savings to our County Jail budget.
Joan Davidson
Business Manager
Angelina County Sheriff's Office, TX

During this time, I've had so many companies calling and trying to do business with us. I'm telling all of them that my regular vendors are taking great care of me during this time and some have gone above and beyond. I'm sticking with those that have been with me during the good times and bad!!! NEVER had an issues with ICS.
Sheriff Gerald Yezak
Robertson County Sheriff's Office, TX

ICS markets quality jail supplies at pricing that is attractive to the taxpayer-minded administrator. We have been a customer with ICS for several decades. Service has always been prompt, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend them.
Anderson County Sheriff's Office
Palestine, TX

We like the service and the quality of your products!
Don Aulds
Kaufman County Sheriff's Office, TX

I have had the pleasure of purchasing jail supplies from ICS Jail Supplies over the past many years as Quartermaster. Any time I have ever had an issue, no matter how small, their sales team will do whatever it takes to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

On one occasion for example, I was shipped the wrong razors by accident. One of the employees actually loaded the correct razors in her personal vehicle and brought them to us the same day from Waco. Needless to say I was truly impressed to say the least. I know that anytime that I need anything all I have to do is call or email and I know we will be taken care of without having to follow up with another call or email.
Young County Sheriff's Office
Graham, TX

We really appreciate the professionalism of the ICS staff and their willingness to help!
Lorena Aguilera
Administrative Assistant
LaSalle County Regional Detention Center, TX

We appreciate your support and prompt response to all our facility needs.
Sheriff Botie Hillhouse
Henderson County Sheriff's Office, TX

ICS has great service!
Tracy Goddard
Kay County Detention Center, OK

Our inmates seem to be happy with the products from ICS. We never have any complaints. Their products seem to last longer than others we have tried. You get more for your money. The staff at ICS are always friendly and happy to help. Their customer service skills are outstanding. I know when I email about a quote or anything they are always quick to respond. When I order product from ICS it ships out and gets here quickly. With some vendors I’ve waited weeks to get product. ICS isn’t usually like that. They are good at having stock on hand and ready to ship.
Abigail Espino
Curry County Adult Detention Center, NM

I have never had an issue with my services with your company. The short time it takes to deliver most of our products is one of the main reasons ICS is my go to jail supplier!
John Vela
Willacy County State Jail, TX

Man, is there anything you can't do??? smiley Seriously amazing customer service!!
Tileka Davis
Asst. Business Manager
Letot Center and Letot RTC, TX

Thank you. I appreciate your prompt responses on EVERYTHING I’ve requested! Between the six juvenile sites; I’m sure you receive a lot of requests that can appear as a sense of urgency, in addition to the daily demands and responsibilities from your other clients. I just want you to know that I appreciate you for always meeting me with kindness, patience and friendly service.

You are appreciated. As the old Baptist preacher would say when I was a kid, “give people their flowers while they still live”. Enjoy your flowers.
Johel Maldonado
Chief of Security
Lea County Detention Center, NM

At the end of the day, there's no better choice than purchasing from you!
Amanda Bell
Accounting Specialist
Curry County Adult Detention Center, NM

You're the best!! I have been moving more of our ordering over to your company due to your excellent customer service as well as turnaround times. I have been blown away by how great your company is. I look forward to all of the business we will do together in the upcoming years!
Monica Saldana
Pecos Municipal Criminal Justice Center, TX

You have ALWAYS been a great help to me and very quick to get things done!!
Lt. James Brooks
San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office, TX

Thank you for your excellent customer support!