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To Apply Printing to items:

  • Select the desired Print Location.
  • Use up to 3 lines for your desired text.
  • Enter the total Quantity of printed items to be printed.
    • Please note that multiple prints on a single item count separately - Ex: A shirt with Front and Back printing counts as two printings.
  • Additional printing information can be added to the Comments box on the final Checkout page.

Printer Set-up and New Screen Fees and additional charges

  • A $40.00 New Screen Design Fee will be applied to any new screens created for printing runs. A new screen is considered to be any screen not currently in our library of screens. Please feel free to contact us for options of existing screens that may suit your facility's needs.
  • A $24.00 Set-up Fee will be applied, per print location, for all print runs less than 60 pieces.
  • An additional charge will be applied for printing on Jackets, Denim, Hats, and Sweatshirts with hoods.


What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing basically uses screens and ink to transfer an image or lettering onto fabric. Screen printing creates a durable, long-lasting design that can endure multiple machine washes.

The screen is first cut to create what is essentially a stencil for the design. The ink is then spread over the screen with a squeegee, passing through the “stencil” to the fabric underneath. The ink used for screen printing is extremely thick and penetrates the fabric deeply. After the ink is screened onto the fabric, heat is applied--bonding the ink into the fabric. This results in a permanent bond that allows for multiple washings and dryings without the print being damaged, cracking, or peeling away. However, washing and drying temperatures exceeding 300 degrees could damage the imprint and could result in compromising the ink on uniforms.

Examples of fabric/items that CAN be screen printed: Twill, Denim, Jersey Cotton, Uniforms, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants.

Example of fabrics/items that CAN NOT be screen printed: Nylon, Netting, Mesh, 100% Polyester, Heavily textured fabrics, Towels, Blankets, Watch caps.

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