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The Secure Advantage Detention Mattress is our safest and most durable mattress solution for your correctional facility. The cover is designed with a tough yet soft vinyl fabric that is resistant to perforations & punctures which reduces the risks associated with inmates concealing contraband in mattresses. If the cover is punctured, the fabric cannot be ripped apart by hand which prevents the material from being shredded and used to cause harm to themselves or others. Our patented breathable vent ensures that even a small incision of the cover will be noticeable when pressure is applied to the mattress. The 12 oz. dense polyester fiber core allows for ample firmness as well as adequate suppleness to provide support for a broad range of people. The easy-to-clean vinyl cover features our strongest bonded seams which makes it tamper-resistant and prevents contamination of the core from bodily fluids and waste. When you have inmates that are at risk for self-harm, or if they are particularly destructive, the Secure Advantage Detention Mattress is the superior choice for your detention center. MTJ American mattresses are all manufactured in the US.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safety - The puncture-resistant and rip-proof cover increase safety for inmates and your staff by reducing the opportunities to hide contraband and cause self-harm.
  • RF Welded Seams - The radiofrequency bonded seams protect the core of the mattress from foreign contaminants including bed bugs, lice, bodily fluids, and more. In addition to the RF bonded seams, Secure Advantage mattresses are reinforced with an internal stitched seam for added security.
  • Breathable Vent - Every MTJ American Detention mattress features our patented breathable vent which allows air to circulate while keeping out fluids and other harmful contaminants.
  • Time - Reduce the time it takes to perform searches for contraband with our patented breathing vent.
  • Sanitary - The cover resists liquid, body waste, and medications, and is treated with a fungistatic agent to protect from fungal growth.
  • Comfort - The 5” polyester fiber core is compressed to 4.5” for added comfort.
  • Durable - Seam strength is tested to withstand up to 60 lbs. per inch of pressure and comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Cost Savings - Reduce the cost of treating infections - Our covers are easy to clean and help prevent the transfer of infectious illnesses.
  • Recyclable - - No hazardous chemicals or additional ingredients are added during the processing of this product. It is 100% recyclable "green".


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Specs & Documentation


  • Thickness - 5” compressed to 4.5” standard
  • Standards - Meets and exceeds the requirements of California Technical Bulletin 129, California Technical Bulletin 603, 16 CFR Part 1632 & 1633
  • Flammability - Passed TB 129
  • Density - Higher density foam provides additional support and improves the longevity of the core.


  • Material - Our most durable Vinyl is easy to clean and highly resistant to foreign contaminants.
  • Patented Breathable Vent - Sealed on the inside of the cover, resists water, oil, urine, blood, head lice, and bed bugs
  • Water Resistant - Resists liquid, body waste, and hospital medications
  • Bonded Seams - Seam Strength - In excess of 60 lbs./in - 3-year warranty on the bonding of seams. Reinforced with internal stitching.
  • Construction - Made using 1 single piece of vinyl and bonded using radiofrequency techniques
  • Cleaning - Wipes clean with soap and water, or properly diluted disinfectant (final rinse with water to remove all residues) - do not launder
  • Flammability - Exceeds requirements of Fed Std. 191, NFPA 701, CAL 117 and 16 CFR 1632
  • Fungistatic Resistant Properties - This mattress cover has been treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the product from fungal growth. The agent guards the mattress fabric against degradation from micro-organisms and/or bacteria. Passes: AATCC Method 30-1988, AATCC Method 147-1998, AATCC Method 100-1999
  • Allergen Info - Skin irritation test Draize dermal result, non-allergenic

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