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The CONPASS SMART DV System is designed to obtain projection two X-ray images of a person.

CONPASS SMART DV is most effective when searching for weakly contrast swallowed objects, as well as objects hidden in the natural cavities of the body.

It is the only available patented TRUE DUAL VIEW X-ray Screening System configured with two independent X-ray generators and detector arrays.

CONPASS SMART DV is intended for use at airports and border checkpoints, in the territories of production sites and mining and processing enterprises, prisons, administrative buildings and other places where a detailed examination of the human body is required, and increased security measures are in place.


  • Low radiation dose (from 0.25 μSv), allowing multiple inspections of one person within a year
  • Use of A-EYE software – artificial intelligence system for automatic detection and classification of objects located inside and on the human body
  • High quality and information content of the image
  • High detection capacity
  • High throughput
  • Integration into existing infrastructure, integration with access control systems and databases
  • A wide range of image processing algorithms (tools)
  • Easy storage and transfer of the received information

Modular design for quick installation


CONPASS DMS can unite X-ray scanners from distant locations into one network keeping track of the total X-ray exposure dose for each inspected person even when the person undergoes a security screening in different locations. CONPASS DMS synchronizes the information: inspected people’s accounts, scan records, and X-ray images between all connected devices. It is a set of applications used to run X-ray people screening systems. The system allows operators to inspect people and view their accounts, perform a security screening, and view the obtained X-ray images

CONPASS DMS include at leest three levels of controlled access including the following:

  • An “Operator” level for making scan, creating and filing reports and saving images as required.
  • A “Supervisor” level for supervisory staff to update subject information, create / update operators, review images and file data and monitor all operators’ activity and data collected
  • An “Administrator” level to create/update/delete user group members with different levels of access, view audit logs, view images, save images to external drives and generate reports

Detected Objects:

  • Explosives solid or liquid
  • Weapons guns and knives
  • Electronics and cell phones
  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Precious stones
  • Ceramic and plastics



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