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Shank Free Plastic Handle


Shank Free Plastic Handle


Key Features:

  • Made from a special plastic that will virtually eliminate the ability for inmates to form or reform a shank or shank-handle
  • 1″ diameter handle
  • This handle is strong and durable
  • The plastic handle is designed to be flexible and will bend side to side easily
  • Wooden handles are easily sharpened into shanks but with our NEW Plastic handle design it eliminates the capacity to do so
  • This new product is designed to be safe for all to use
  • If this handle is damaged or broken discard immediately

Available with different tips to fit various heads

  • Short Tip -- Fits item # BW6022 Shank Free Push Broom
  • Medium Tip -- Fits item # BW6021F Shank Free Easy Sweep Broom
  • Long Tip -- Fits item # BW6024 Plastic Floor Squeegee

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$98.80 - $790.40

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