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BV 6045 X-ray Baggage System


BV 6045 X-ray Baggage System


BV 6045 is a high-resolution, single view X-ray baggage inspection system with the ability to automatically detect prohibited objects and threats.

The tunnel with a width of 610 mm and a height of 450 mm is optimal for inspection of baggage, bags, hand luggage and parcels.

The System may be used at inspection points of critical infrastructure facilities, law enforcement and security agencies, customs, border guards, hotels, event centers, educational institutions, sports arenas, and other places where reliable and uninterrupted operation of inspection systems is required.

BV 6045 enables the identification of weapons, explosives, drugs and any other dangerous or prohibited items.

Unique colour palettes and touch control provide an exceptional level of operator efficiency.


  • TIP software for monitoring operator vigilance
  • Secure login
  • Multi-level user access with the ability to administer users, roles and access levael
  • Viewing X-ray images from a previous session
  • Quick view of the last 10 images (configurable parameter)
  • Modes of operation: scanning with a stop of the conveyor after each object or without stopping, with the possibility of returning the object after scanning
  • Automatic warming up of the X-ray generator during prolonged idle time (no warming up is required during daily operation of the System)
  • Automatic storage of X-ray images in the archive
  • Baggage counter
  • Display of date and time, unit serial number and operator IDMultilingual interface
  • Display of software version and serial number of the System
  • Display of user login time and duration of the current session


  • Automatic selection of suspicious objects (such as explosives, drugs, Impenetrable areas) using Zeff and optical density
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Automatic diagnostics of the System and individual units performance
  • Possibility of choice by the operator of 3, 7-colour or infinite colour palette



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